The King of Throwbacks

Est. 2016 in Portland, Oregon

kentucky colonels jersey

A Maverick in the Industry

A Portland Mavericks replica jersey was the first product ever sold by Royal Retros.

Founded as 503 Sports, our compamy was inspired by some local legends; the Portland Mavericks. As the final independent team in professional baseball, the Mavericks were known for rebelling against the corporate system that had taken over the sport. The Mavericks did things their own way, played for the love of the game and gave opportunities to those who had been rejected and overlooked.

With our first product, we brought the Mavericks back to life with a replica jersey. 503 Sports soon became involved in local Mavericks events and the passion that fans still had for the team made it clear there was a need to preserve history for defunct teams like the Mavericks. Ever since, we have been bringing back long forgotten teams through unique apparel and sharing their stories.

Our throwback line was rebranded as Royal Retros in 2021 as we expanded to defunct teams throughout the world. We continue to stay true to the independent style of the Portland Mavericks, allowing us to focus on offering small runs of merchandise and custom apparel at an affordable price. Our products are not affiliated with any currently existing team, league or organization unless otherwise noted on the product page.

Whether you were a fan of a defunct team or simply looking to represent your city, Royal Retros has something for you. Every product tells a unique story and you can be sure that you will stand out from the crowd with something different.  

The Mission

To become the ultimate one stop shop representing teams of the past. Royal Retros is a modern fan shop made up of historic recreations.


Some teams were legendary, some were disasters, but all live on at Royal Retros. All of our products are made with a quality and fit comparable to the biggest sports apparel brands of today.

Not Just Throwbacks

503 Sports offers team uniforms and high quality fan apparel at an affordable price! Check us out at

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